#wrpdmagazine is presenting an exclusive story celebrating Alexander McQueen SS21 collection

artist ETHAN
photographer IVAN GRIANTI
grooming and color GABRIELE MAROZZI
interview and text RICCARDO SARLO

Ethan, savage condor of divine essence, bringing bitter living to the dark caverna.
Ethan, luminous terrestrial sunburst, weaving threads, tracks, stringy clusters, of explosive voltage.
Ethan, lunar dust, mild maternal caress, nocturnal creature, you wet of human milk your tarp skin.

I adore your silence, immune to the world’s noise.
Absent is my voice, your eyes flown away towards deep orbits.
A kiss locked your lips.
Your warm voice screeches…

“Svestimi” new Ethan’s single is out on all digital platforms.

You are almost begging, leaving time and its digress suspended, in your “undress me”. By what the other has to free you?

I wish he could help me getting away from the banality of everyday life, from the perception of a feeling that is able to bring me down when I have no stimuli left. Two souls being silent in an empty room, without having much to say, is hard.

The single, therefore, is an anthem to “the other”, for “the other”. In that empty room Ethan, if he was alone, what he would say to himself.

Probably he would try not to think, to let himself lull by the silence…
learning not to feel scared, without craving of filling up that silence. 
Sometimes is so saving to get bored, without running towards a purpose.

If this single was a long gestation, what do you expect, for your intimacy and spirituality, from its birth?

I expect to strengthen my artistic path, to experience more and not to limit myself. I hope that this beginning will bring myself to go deeper through my Italian writing skills, deeper in my sounds, deeper in myself. It is still a long way.