special thanks to QUENTIN JONES

Photographer and mixed media artist Quentin Jones is an Artist born in London, today she has her studio in New York City. She is certainly one of the leading professionals in the creative sector in the contemporary fashion business.
Director, illustrator and photographer whose films and images have appeared in prestigious Magazines. She workes with Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Victoria Beckham too. Quentin Jones studied Philosophy at Cambridge, followed by an MA in illustration at Central St Martins. Her aesthetic is often described as a modern take on the surrealist tradition, realized largely through photomontage, live action, and dynamic video editing.

Did the work as a Mixed Media Artist come along with photography or is it a skill added later?

Actually I would say the mixed media approach came before anything. Before my filmmaking, and certainly before working as a photographer. I always took pictures to cut up and use within my artwork during my MA at CSM, and then went on to create stop motion videos of my artwork ‘in motion’. So photography was always there, but then four or five years into the process I started shooting photos in a purer sense.

How does your creative process go? When you take a photo, do you already know how you are going to edit and transform it?

Sometimes yes, but usually no. I prefer to react to the image once I have it in front of me to cut or transform. In that way I am inspired by the shape, the lines and the colours in the image. But of course if I am working with a client for a commercial project they need to understand the vision, so I will do my best to sketch out my intentions beforehand.

Many Mixed Media Artists see you as their artistic point of reference. Are you planning to introduce a new editing style in the future or to develop the current one?

Do they? That’s nice! I have been evolving a new style of filmmaking since the pandemic- I worked on a personal project called It was Fine that aired on Nowness this time last year, and really went deep on ideas that I was drawn to that I never had the chance/time to work on until then. And of course it is informing my commercial work now- as more clients are interested in this 3D world of collage in motion. I am seeing a lot of briefs based on the new techniques, and am finding that all pretty exciting.

Your laboratory such as your house are a clear demonstration of how your work is your passion and how much you share your daily life with it. The artist Quentin Jones and the Quentin woman how far away or close are they?

That’s an interesting question – my home and my interiors taste definitely shares a lot with my work. I love bold artwork in clean environments, with a lean to modernism for furniture and carpets. But me as a woman, and how I dress is a litle more all over the place. I love to be able to dress in a really maximal way or on the flip side can be very neutral in jeans and converse and t-shirts in the day. We have just bought a new house that needs a top to toe renovation and I am really excited about painting murals in it, and working on interior schemes for all the rooms.

For an artist, his/her works are like pieces of his/her soul, quite difficult to choose a favorite one, almost impossible. But if you had to indicate one of your artworks as your personal self-portrait however close to your being as a woman, mother and artist, what would it be?

Perhaps my painting of my son Grey.

If you could edit and transform by reshaping something of your working environment to your liking, what would you start from? And what about in modern society?

If I could change the world with my animation techniques, I would erase gravity so we could dance into the sky, if and when it seemed like a good idea. Which I imagine would be most friday nights.