photographer JESSICA GWYNETH

You may not have heard of Zeppelin Hamilton just yet, but, watch this space, remember the name; you’re about to. The Australian native is making waves amongst the creative industry pool, having recently stared in the blockbuster Pacific Rim: Uprising and being the frontman of four-piece Velvet Trip. His story started young and there’s are only more dimensions and chapters to add.

A striking character, Hamilton’s nature is the outcome of an unconventional upbringing in Byron Bay, New South Wales. His parents were wanderers, never settling their feet, instead taking in all that the world offers, until they settled in Byron – before it was developed into the modern city and Instagram influencer hotspot that it is today. “My Mum and Dad are very beautiful people who have always fostered the belief of pursuing what your soul craves, despite the conventional paradigm of success.” Zeppelin had a childhood that allowed his creativity to evolve and flourish. Over the years it’s morphed from putting on concerts for his toys in his bedroom to the heights he’s reaching and surpassing today.

Music was entwined in the fabric of their family life, inescapable (but why would you want to escape it): “I’d grab (my) Dad’s guitars and listen to records, trying to imitate the sounds.” Although surrounded by it, Zeppelin never had a lesson in how to play an instrument. There was never any need for a formal education, instead he watched the travellers who would cross his path and stay in their family home whilst touring Australia. Mentors took form in the likes of old bluesmen from Mississippi and Chicago, who’d recount tales of their journeys and entertain a young Zeppelin and his family. He went on to be in a series of bands as a teenager, creating what he calls a “soundtrack for every phase” including a thrash metal band called Prowler, which differs from his current psychedelic blues inclination that’s traced by his current projects Velvet Trip, for which Zep is the frontman and Kimono Drag Queens – a World music seven-piece.

With music as his primary, he landed as an actor through living and working in Sydney, having moved to the city looking to expand his career. “I personally find that genuine life experience is the essence of any great actor, therefore there is never any harm in letting life take you on a tangent.” He’s explored the acting world with roles in hit films such as the aforementioned; Pacific Rim: Uprising, Cleverman, Snare and more enticing projects in his eyeline. 

It’s apparent that it was an organic pattern for Zeppelin to fall into the encouraging arms of a creative career path. He was never going to be your standard clock-watching, desk demon – he was matched with the skills to entertain and regale others with his talents. As a teen he taught ran a DIY skateboarding school, along with a friend, to spur on children of the local community to get out there and transform the recreational into tangible.

For Hamilton, the end goal is reassuring but (as cliché as it might sound), it’s the journey that is most inspiring. Through his walks of life, all manner of things have lodged in his mind as a reason to keep going, to keep creating. It can be anything, from the everyday to the more defining moments that push him forward: “It’s that moment when something grabs you and demands your mind to be present, even just for a second. That special spark is true inspiration for me.” Being true to yourself and those that support you are the most influential factors though, if you’re looking to follow a similar route; Zeppelin advises not to jeopardise either: “Your truth is invaluable, as are your friends. Never compromise either.”