Fashion Editor | Claudia Marabita

Since Instagram has become the favorite medium for most young artists who wants to showcase their creativity, it is not surprising that the social service is now among the main topics of the debate about contemporary art. Due to the platform, the chance of discovering young creative minds from all over the world is given to gallerists, editors or even everyone who likes to be inspired by something new.
Yuliya Yg is a painter based in Singapore who recently started posting her work on Instagram. She describes herself as “an artist who likes fashion” and the subjects of her illustrations are the models seen on the catwalks. She loves to combine classical aesthetics with the personality of her subjects, and the outcome is something you can't take your eyes off.

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from?

I'm originally Russian and I was born and raised in Kazakhstan. At the moment I live in Singapore where I have an art studio. In the past I did different things like patterns for textiles, I made designs for Starbucks tumblers and I was even DJing for several years.

What made you choose to become a fashion illustrator? Have you studied at the art school?
I have a master's degree in fine arts. I specialized in portraits. I would not say I'm entirely a "fashion" illustrator, I think that I am just an artist who likes fashion and who tries to mix it with the character of the model.

Let’s talk about your art. What material and tools do you use?
My artwork is mostly done with watercolors and sometimes I like to use ink. 


Who or What are you inspired by?
First of all, I am inspired by the model I choose to paint and of course fashion collections from catwalks. If we are talking about art inspiration I truly love Northern Renaissance portraits; I also like paintings of Matisse and retro covers of magazines.

How would you describe your style?
I think my art is a combination of classic art with fashion illustration.

Your portraits are very expressive: is there a part of the face that you usually draw for first?
First, I draw ears and eyes. My goal is to show the model's personality or character that I think this person has. If I did not achieve it in my painting, I just throw it away and start over again.


Do you think social media have an influence on an artist’s work? Is Instagram changing our visual culture?
Definitely yes. Social media, especially Instagram, has a big impact on today's artists. Whether the impact is good or bad depends on which things they prefer to see as an inspiration and to show after as an art. Of course, the benefits of Instagram are huge: it gives artists an easy way to get noticed, inspired, and gain access to creations of other artists from all over the world.

Are you currently working on new projects?
Right now I am working on my upcoming exhibition and series of portraits using different materials 

INSTAGRAM @yuliyayg