photographer ALYONA KUZMINA

Every project that I create it’s very different one from another. It’s all starts from an idea how I want to express myself.
I worked as a model from 17 when I left Russia and travel the world. So acting and performing in the front of the camera as a model was a very big part of my life. I was creating this characters in my head and was thinking that I m this women on my photoshoot while I was in very beautiful clothing and amazing locations.

My first art project was a body-art project called “Mashpit “, I created sets, found clothing, hired a team. One year later I created 12 characters such Grace Jones, Vladimir Putin, Woody Allen, Ninja from Die Antwoord, Dali and others. Been a shape shifting chameleon and using my face and body as a canvas was a very self expressive and organic transformation from a model to an artist. I continue to do this project, just recently made 5 more characters. My first group show was in NYC In 2016 with this project, and September 2019 I had a solo show in Moscow.

I love to create and I can’t stop myself from new ideas and lock myself in just into one style forever. I think it’s all organically happens and that’s how you find a new passion that moves me from one to another.
Recently I did cool collaborations with fashion magazine Vogue Russia and another cool fashion brand Who I Am where I performed and did an abstract painting fallowing piano music. The idea behind of it it was Music that paints through me. I felt so free. Sometimes it’s feels that my hands it’s just a tools and painting paints itself. This is why I love art, it helps me to keep good mental health in our crazy world.

I work everyday. It’s motivating for me to see if I put all my time in something, and when I see a big piece done i see the result. Working hard on my art I Learned from Gaetano Pesce, he is incredible artist. I was working with him last spring in NYC on his project and worked all days doing art. The amount of worked I did there impressed me and made me realize it’s all in my hands.
This summer I was staying in Tuscany at one of my collectors house for a month. I wanted to go away somewhere and focus for a month on making new work. This is how this new style that I worked one came. I already did couple of mixed media pieces before, so I wanted to continue working in mixed media. I thought how can I make art that drying fast and I can travel with, and after it came to me paper - cut series.

I started to paint with paper on a canvas . With knowledge that I took from school how to build a form but to simplify it and I want make a viewer to continue the painting with they own imagination and make every piece of paper create a direction as a brushstrokes. It’s really fun to work in this style because it’s unusual and it’s feels like I m sculpting actually a shapes.

Art makes me to see the world differently now. Today I l m working on paper-cuts series. I m planing to make a lot of body of work for my next exhibition. And I wish I could look into a future to see - how my art will look different from what I'm doing today.